The purpose of this blog is to share with you a little of what God is doing in my life! Also, some posts will be filled with words of Encouragement! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

2014 in Review - August

August began with a wedding shower for Emily Zachry!  Lauren Behr hosted a lovely party for her upcoming celebration!

The Happy Couple- Emily & Nathan

Emily's adorable niece!  She loved all the wrapping paper. 

Activity for the night - creating a wedding dress out of tissue paper and toilet paper! :)

Mid August I was able to take Evelyn Tuuk back home to Austin and visit with her family!  It was a wonderful weekend and I was grateful to tour the Texas State Capitol again!

Some of the Tuuk Family: Elijah, Ezekiel, Mrs. & Mr. Tuuk, Eden, Evelyn, Elaina, me and Ellen!

Then it was time for a long awaited visit home!!!  It's been 15 months since I've been there!!!!  I enjoyed seeing the farm, visiting family and friends and enjoying being back in Canada!!!  One surprise was that Dad & Mom now own 2 Paint Horses!!!  Talk about thrilling!!! I definitely knew how I was going to spend my vacation at home but since we truly were going out of horses we didn't have any equipment, not even a bridle.  So I contented myself in looking at them! :)  Time to load up on gear again! :)  So Rusty and PJ have joined the Kowalchuk's Happy Homestead!

It was so good to see Carla and her family again!  They are just about to move out to British Columbia!

It was a joy to visit my brother and his family!  Here are Kathlyn and Able as we are ready to visit Sunnybrook Farm.

Sweet little Niah - so excited to meet my new little niece for the first time!!!

Enjoyed seeing Jessica & Kerzdenn again!

A young girl at our church, Genevieve asked my Mom to host a tea party for young girls so another fun activity while home was to have a Doll tea party! It was fun to see which doll everyone brought with them! 

My precious Mom

My 18th birthday gift from Kendalyn has arrived!!! :)  We really believe in stretching out birthdays in our home! ;)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review - July

This month was a little slower for me ending the month with a banquet for QUEST - a program for young men ages 14 and older: http://www.alertacademy.com/quest/program/. 71 young men went through the program this summer.
So blessed by Bethany who served at ALERT for a season!

The kitchen girls, Dorcas and Rebecca put on a delicious brunch for all the girls at Forestview!  It was such much fun!

L-R: Lauren Dahl, Zailynne Durant, Kiernan Holton, Rebecca Orr, Dorcas Martin, Evelyn Tuuk, Lydia Vanderford, and Siobhan Dhority

Some of the wonderful servers who helped me at the QUEST banquet!

Meanwhile at home in Calgary, Alberta they experienced a flood.  Not being a province that gets floods this hit us really hard.  My great aunt and uncle were rescued from their home in a Combine.  The Saddle Dome where the infamous Calgary Stampede happens every year was flooded up to row 16 seats!  Here are a few pictures from the flood.

Another huge highlight was the exciting news that my R1 Visa was approved!!!! This was such a blessing to hear after waiting 15 months!!! During the last month I would check my email 2-3 times a day to see if there was any word! :)  With this new visa, I can now stay in the States till May 2016.  While pondering this realization I started to focus on myself wonder if I was truly being a blessing here, and if I was prepared to stay for that long.  That was quickly displaced with shame for even thinking that and instead seeing it as a wonderful opportunity to serve Christ here.  Someone posted this picture from the movie, "Facing the Giants" the next day that really ministered to me!  It's so true!  It's not about me - it's all about Christ!!!! Grateful for this open door!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review - June

June at ALERT is furlough for the guys and also the time when girls come into attend the STEP Program: http://www.alertacademy.com/step/

Corrie Pendergast and I were able to teach a Hospitality Class for STEP Advanced which we thoroughly enjoyed!!!

It was good to have the Stewart Twins here for the month!

Friday is Pink Day for the Office Girls!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with these gals!
L-R: Esther Morrison, Brooke Hendrich, me, Kristin Youngblood, Tabitha Paine

Flipping pancakes with Kristin at 5 AM - cooking for Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

Progressive Dinner to say good bye to Esther Morrison!
L-R: Rebecca Orr, me, Kristin Youngblood, Esther Morrison, Lauren Dahl, Siobhan Dhority, Dorcas Martin

2014 in Review - May

A couple times a year we have the opportunity to go rappelling on our 40 foot wall!!  Each time I'm excited on the rock climbing wall to get a little bit higher!  One of these day I'll make it to the top! :)  We are grateful for the officers and their wives who give of their evening to allow us some fun!!!
Does that look intimidating???  Its not! 

Tabitha Paine starting out on the short wall.

So proud of Heather for facing her fear of heights!  She did great!

Yep...we are having fun!!!

The group!!
Back Row L-R: Zailynne Durant, Heather, Lydia Vanderford, me, Megan Skinner, Esther Morrison, Lauren Dahl
Front Row: Alayna Warner, Tabitha Paine, Siobhan Dhority, Katy Warner
Dinner out with Katy at Panera!!!

Another fun event that happened in May was the opportunity to go with the ALERT team to the Nashville Homeschool Conference.  I enjoyed working the week in the big industrial kitchen with the Kelly girls!!
Enjoyed cooking big quantities again - refried beans from a can!

Brystol Reckner cooking all the weiners

Jen, Britta, Greta and Tryg Solberg made hundreds of sack lunches for the ALERT Cadets during the week

What a blessing to talk with Otto Koning - a great man who chooses to be used by God!  He wrote the Pineapple Story

The dish pit crew!

The Kelly girls know how to make delicious desserts!!!  Rebekah, Sarah, Susannah Kelly

And the Kelly boys (with friend Daniel) know how to grill those chickens!

End result of our Ice Cream Social where we served 1100!  Now that's a lot of ice cream! 

I have enjoyed getting to know and spend time with the Duggar Family - Josie, Jana and Jinger Duggar

This made me laugh - the warmers we used during culinary school in Indianpolis.

What fun it is with the Towle sisters!!!

Great kitchen crew to work with!  Well done Chef Rebekah Kelly!

The ALERT team:
Back Row L-R: Britta, Gretta, Jen Solberg, Luke Wills, Nathaniel Johnson, Tryg Solberg
Front Row L-R: me, Esther Morrison, Jonathan Boulden, Brendon Dhority, Elijah Pendergast